Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Post everyone!"

I am pleased to announce that after several months of silence, we will be back on the air.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

...Everyting That Creeps Me Out...

There's a face that we wear
In the cold light of day -
It's society's mask,
It's society's way,
And the truth is
That it's all a facade!

There's a face that we hide
Till the nighttime appears,
And what's hiding inside,
Behind all of our fears,
Is our true self,
Locked inside the facade!

Every day
People, in their own sweet way,
Like to add a coat of paint,
And be what they ain't!

That's how our little -
Game is played,
Living out a masquerade
Acting a bizarre charade -
While playing the saint!

But there's one thing I know,
And I know it for sure:
This disease that we've got
Has got no ready cure!
And I'm certain
Life is terribly hard -
When your life's a facade!

Look around you!
I have found
You cannot tell, by looking at the surface,
What is lurking there beneath it!
See that face!
Now, I'm prepared to bet you,
What you see's not what you get -
'Cause man's a master of deceit !

So, what is the sinister secret?
The lie he will tell you is true? -
It's that each man you meet
In the street
Isn't one man but two!

Nearly everyone you see -
Like him and her,
And you, and me -
Pretends to be
A pillar of society -
A model for propriety -
And piety -
Who shudders at the thought
Of notoriety!

The ladies and gents here before you -
Which none of them ever admits -
May have saintly looks -
But they're sinners and crooks!


There are preachers who kill!
There are killers who preach!
There are teachers who lie!
There are liars who teach!
Take your pick, dear -
"Cause it's all a facade!

If we're not one, but two,
Are we evil or good?
Do we walk the fine line -
That we'd cross if we could?
Are we waiting -
To break through the facade?

One or two
Might look kinda well-to-do -
Hah! They're bad as me an' you,
Right down they're boots!

I'm inclined to think -
Half mankind
Thinks the other half is blind!
Wouldn't be surprise to find -
They're all in cahoots!

At the end of the day,
They don't mean what they say,
They don't say what they mean,
They don't ever come clean -
And the answer -
Is it's all a facade!
Is it's all a facade!
Man is not one, but two,
He is evil and good,
And he walks the fine line
We'd all cross if we could!

It's a nightmare -
We can never discard -
So we stay on our guard -
Though we love the facade -
What's behind the facade?
Look behind the facade!

Good Day...

Saturday, January 27, 2007

A little bit of library humor for you, courtesy of one of my professors last night. (And you thought librarians were just cranky. They can also be funny.)

He was working at the reference desk in the UNT library one day, when a (probably freshman) girl came in and asked for a picture of the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock for an assignment. He pointed her to the encyclopedia. She came back after a little while, and said "I guess these will work, but they’re paintings. I need a photograph."
To which he replied, "the Mayflower and all that was back in 1620, you know."
"So?" she said.
"Well, cameras weren’t invented until the 1850s."
"So there weren’t any cameras or photographs until nearly 250 years after the Mayflower."
"You’re wrong." she said, "my assignment says a photograph."
She pulled out the paper, and sure enough– a photograph of the Mayflower.
"It must be a typo." he said, and called the instructor. What he got was a graduate student TA.
"I’ve got one of your students here in the library with a problem."
"Her assignment says she needs a photograph of the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock."
"Cameras weren’t invented until 250 years after that."
"So there are no photographs of the Mayflower!"
"Oh, ok."

Then after a pause,

"Do you think TWU would have any?"

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

for southern rights

A Northerner, a Southerner and Heidi Klum are sitting together in a train going through the Rockies. Suddenly, the train goes through a tunnel and, being one of the older-style trains with no carriage lighting, it goes completely dark.

Suddenly there's a kissing sound, followed by the sound of a really loud slap.

When the train comes out of the tunnel, Heidi Klum and the Southerner are sitting as if nothing happened while the Northerner has a nasty red slap mark on his face.

The Northerner thinks, "The Southern fella must have kissed Heidi Klum and she missed him and slapped me instead."

Heidi Klum thinks, "The Northern fella must have tried to kiss me and actually kissed the Southern fella and got slapped for it."

The Southern fella says to himself, "This is great. The next time the train goes through a tunnel, I'll make another kissing noise and slap that Northerner again!"

Sunday, December 10, 2006

the echo of the wedding bells

Announcing another engagement!

See here or here for the details.

Monday, December 04, 2006

. . . play a song for me . . .

Have you ever stopped to consider the beauty of listening to music through headphones? My parents made me a present of an mp3 player the other day, and I must confess that though I have been forceful in my condemnation of the use of headphones in society (and I still maintain that wearing them in public is rude and thoughtless, antisocial and inconsiderate, not to mention shallow and vain) I have found the undeniable attraction that they possess.

It isn’t just that the music is louder. They say that ipods and the like are going to produce an entire generation of deaf children. I’m all for loud music. If you’re going to listen to something, listen to it. But that is not what makes headphones amazing. I think it has more to do with the container of the music. I don’t mean the machine that’s playing it, I mean where the music is.

When Evan plays Les Miserables on the stereo at home, the music fills the boxes that are the rooms of this house, floating in the air so that you almost feel like you ought to be able to see it. When Emily puts on Dylan in her Camry, the melodious tones are enclosed in the container of her car, a secret world that the other people on the road have no idea of. (Unless we’ve got it going real good, stopped at a red light!) When you’re halfway out in the backyard and Eric has the porch speakers playing Tony Rice, you can just hear the strains of guitar swimming through the expanse of the evening darkness to your ears. (Music through fresh air has a charm all its own.)

Each one is wonderful in its own way. But when I put on my headphones, and the Brandenburg Concertos are playing inside the walls of my own head, behind my eyes and inside my thoughts . . . that is magic.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


While working on a school assignment at about 3:00 this morning, I came across something very exciting, not to mention interesting . . .

Take a look at this.
(Click on "Online Exhibition")

So cool.

If you have time, they also have a lot of other great stuff here--
-- like the original rough draft of the Declaration of Independence or George Washington's commission as Commander-in-Chief or original War Between the States photographs.
This is the Library of Congress. They have everything, and it belongs to us. What a thrill to get to look at it!